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Fig. 5

From: Adaptive information processing of network modules to dynamic and spatial stimuli

Fig. 5

Effect of variation of the input stimulus. a:The effect of “capping” the ramp stimulus: DR08.M1 adapts exactly for the capped ramp signal. The transient response in this case (for this level of capping) is also practically identical to that where there was no capping of the ramp signal. b,c: A quadratic ramp:DR08.M1 and KR09 respectively adapt exactly to a quadratic ramp stimulus. In both cases the transient responses differ from that for the linear ramp signal. d An exponential stimulus can elicit imperfect adaptation in a circuit, even when there is exact adaptation in linear and quadratic ramps. The sensitivity of motif KR09 to the exponent is depicted. e The gradient of the ramp has a clear effect on the transient response, without altering the feature of exact adaptation(shown for circuit DR08.M1*). f While both basal level and ramp gradient can affect the response, we find that a proportional change of both keeps the response unaltered in the circuit KI14 which exhibits fold adaptation

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