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Table 2 Combinations of exact adaptive behaviour in a range of dynamic and spatial stimuli (see text for details)

From: Adaptive information processing of network modules to dynamic and spatial stimuli

Ramp Periodic stimulus (mean adaptation) Static spatial gradient (mean adaptation) Circuits realizing this
Yes Yes Yes Inflow outflow circuits with one outflow, restrictions on signal location (cannot act on output species)
No No No Feedback circuits, Inflow-outflow circuits with multiple outflows and signal mediating reactions between outflow variables
No Yes Yes Inflow Outflow circuits with one output, signal acting on output variable
Yes No No Incoherent feedfoward circuits
Yes Yes No Transcritical circuit (A diffusible)
No Yes No Transcritical circuit (A diffusible), signal mediating conversion from B to A
Yes No Yes Linear Inflow-outflow circuit with signal regulating inflow and outflow reactions, the latter through a diffusible intermediate
No No Yes Same as previous case, but either with additional (nonlinear regulation of B to A reaction) or B to A conversion autocatalytic