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Fig. 2

From: Computational modelling of energy balance in individuals with Metabolic Syndrome

Fig. 2

Energy expenditure predicted by MINGLeD as trajectories over time (a) and mean over time (b). a distribution of trajectories describing total energy expenditure. The trajectories that adhere to the physiological constraints (represented by the green error bars; see Table 1) are depicted in black; the unacceptable ones in grey. b histogram of the mean energy expenditure. The physiologically acceptable range is depicted in green and derived from the following inclusion criteria: -EE at t = 3w within three-weeks confidence interval, i.e. [8.4–13.7 kcal/day]; −EE at t = 10w within three-weeks confidence interval, i.e. [9.5–15.7 kcal/day]; −overall minimum EE above the lower bound of the 3w confidence interval, i.e. 8.4 kcal/day; −overall maximum EE below 20 kcal/day

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