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Table 3 Correlations between the relative flux rates between neighboring (physically interacting) enzymes and their PIN properties

From: The integrated analysis of metabolic and protein interaction networks reveals novel molecular organizing principles

Correlation between r p-Value r p-Value r p-Value
Connectivity~Flux rate of nodes 0.15 4.76E-06 0.23 1.08E-04 0.25 8.99E-05
Centrality~Flux rate of nodes 0.14 2.16E-05 0.11 1.24E-02 0.32 9.34E-13
Flux Rate~Flux rate of neighbors 0.24* 5.25E-25 0.52 1.20E-41 0.52 1.45E-40
  1. Pearson correlation coefficient, r, and associated p-values between connectivity (degree), centrality as judged by betweenness of enzymes (nodes in PINs) and the respective relative flux rates, as well as the correlation coefficient of the relative flux rates between neighboring (physically interacting) enzymes in the three PINs examined in this study.
  2. *Correlation coefficient, r, differs in rPIN from values obtained in fPIN and ePIN, because enzyme pairs are included in the rPIN that were filtered out in the other two PINs because of inconsistent subcellular localization annotation. They are identical for the fPIN and ePIN as the two networks contain the same set of enzymes.