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Figure 1

From: Arena3D: visualization of biological networks in 3D

Figure 1

Screenshots of Arena3D showing data related to Huntington's disease. 1a shows the result of a query starting from Huntington's disease. HD is related to nine associated genes which are linked to 10 proteins, the Huntingtin gene 'htt' shows two forms, mutant and wild-type. These proteins link to 75 protein structures. 1b shows nine polyQ-related diseases (top layer). On the middle layer, 66 proteins known to be associated to these diseases were clustered, and on the bottom layer 151 domains associated with these 66 proteins are shown. On the middle layer we have highlighted 6 proteins that are involved in both Huntington and another polyQ disease, and on the bottom layer we have highlighted the 8 domains present in these six proteins. WW and atrophin domains are connected with proteins related to different diseases. 1c shows the proteins related to Huntingtin (top, red) and their connection to the GO ontology hierarchy.

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