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Figure 3

From: An integrated genetic, genomic and systems approach defines gene networks regulated by the interaction of light and carbon signaling pathways in Arabidopsis

Figure 3

A metabolic and regulatory sub-network created from the 216 misregulated genes in cli186. This is a sub-network of the 216 misregulated genes that was extracted from the larger multinetwork created using the 966 L/C regulated genes in WT [see Additional file 5] and visualized using Cytoscape [54]. Nodes representing genes (blue hexagons), genes annotated to be transcription factors (green diamonds) or metabolites (peach circles) are connected via edges. The type of edge indicates if the interaction is metabolic (grey arrows), protein-DNA regulation (red arrows) or protein-protein (blue dashed lines). Protein-DNA interactions are supported by the presence of one or more binding sites within the promoter of that gene for that particular transcription factor (see Methods). This is a connected network comprised of 60/216 misregulated genes in cli186 in which all of the nodes represented are misregulated in cli186.

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