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Figure 6

From: A systems biology approach to analyse amplification in the JAK2-STAT5 signalling pathway

Figure 6

Average fraction of dimerised phosphorylated STAT5 in the nucleus ( DpS nc,tr ) (norm. units versus the total amount of Epo ( Epo tot ) provided during the transient stimulation. The system was analysed for transient stimulation with total amount of Epo Epo tot [10-8,106] units/ml. The solid black line is used to highlight the different values of DpSnc,trobtained for a total amount of Epo of one hundred units. In this case the average of the system response ranges between 0.05 and 0.17 normalised units. The dashed black line is used to highlight how in the interval of intense stimulation input signals with totally different properties (Epo tot [101,105] units/ml) produce output signal with identical average intensity DpSnc,tr.

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