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Table 2 Connectivity analysis of the disease networks.

From: A computational analysis of protein-protein interaction networks in neurodegenerative diseases

  Degree<k> Non-zero Degree Betweenness
ADBlood <0.051 <0.051 0.75
ADBrain <0.051 <0.052 <0.052
MSBlood <0.051 0.16 <0.052
MSBrain <0.051 0.4 0.64
  1. Results are displayed as the p value of the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test for the four networks analyzed: the MS in blood tissue (MS-blood); AD in blood tissue (AD-blood), MS in brain tissue (MS-brain) and the AD in brain tissue (AD-brain). Non-zero degree and betweenness were calculated after excluding the non-connected (non-zero) nodes.
  2. 1 Seed proteins significantly smaller; 2 seed-proteins significantly higher