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Table 3 Reaction rules describing the Example depicted in Figure 2B.

From: Exact model reduction of combinatorial reaction networks

R(0, *) + L R(L, *) k1, k-1
R(0, 0)    R(0, P) k2, k-2
R(L, 0)    R(L, P) k3, k-3
R(*, P) + E1(*) R(*, E1(*)) k4, k-4
E1(0, 0)    E1(0, P) k5, k-5
R(*, E1)    R(*, E1(P)) k6, k-6
E1(*, P) + E 2 E1(*, E2) k7, k-7
  1. The kinetic parameters are specified behind the rules.