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Figure 4

From: Interlinked nonlinear subnetworks underlie the formation of robust cellular patterns in Arabidopsis epidermis: a dynamic spatial model

Figure 4

The model renders cellular patterns similar to those observed in the root epidermis. Cellular patterns obtained from simulations of wild-type (wt) and mutant networks are consistent with the patterns reported in the literature. Black squares correspond to trichoblasts and white ones to atrichoblasts. Captions under the matrixes indicate the simulated genotype that gave rise to each of them (lower case italics indicate loss of function, -> indicates the simulation of a positive upstream signal, while -| stands for a negative one). Asterisks indicate the hair (H) position. The table shows that the network profiles characteristic of hair and non-hair cells are recovered by the coupled GRN model (B). These simulations were all performed in 20 × 20 matrices with the following parameter values: D CPC = 0.01, DGL 3= 0.01, DEGL 3= 0.01.

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