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Table 3 Comparison of statistical parameters used to estimate the efficacy to identify essential metabolic genes in yeast

From: How to identify essential genes from molecular networks?

Model Method Essentials/Non-essentials Sensitivity Specificity Error Accuracy Reference
iFF708 FBA 23/90 0.13 1 0.87 82% 22
iFF708 FBA 91/508 0.31 0.95 0.69 85% 6
iFF708 FBA 79-146/562-629 0.40-0.53 90-96% NR NR 33
iND750 FBA 118/NR 0.31 NR NR NR 10
iLL672 FBA NR/NR 0.68-0.80 96-98% NR NR 33
iFF708 MOMA 46/302 0.60 0.92 0.41 88% 34
iLL672 MOMA NR/NR 0.73-0.80% NR NR NR 33
iND750 SA 100/NR 0.14 NR NR NR 7
  1. Previous studies on the efficiency to identify essential metabolic genes on yeast, report different statistical parameters of confidence (Sensitivity, Specificity, Error and Accuracy columns), and commonly use a single network (Model column) and a single method (Method column) to identify essential genes. The data were obtained from the works reported in the "Reference" column. FBA: Flux-Balance Analysis; MOMA: Method of Minimization of Metabolic Adjustment; SA: Synthetic accessibility; NR: a value not reported in the cited reference.