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Table 2 Strains and plasmids

From: A model invalidation-based approach for elucidating biological signalling pathways, applied to the chemotaxis pathway in R. sphaeroides

Strain/Plasmid Characteristics Source
R. sphaeroides WS8N Spontaneous nalidixic acid resistant mutant of wild type WS8 [34]
R. sphaeroides JPA421 WS8N with the cheY4 gene deleted by genomic replacement [35]
E. coli S17-1 λ pir A strain capable of mobilising pAE and pAY4 into R. sphaeroides, SmR [36]
pIND4 Over expression vector with a lac inducible promoter, capable of replication in R. sphaeroides [25]
pIND4-Y4 pAE containing cheY4 [29]
  1. Strains and Plasmids used in this study