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Table 2 Protein metabolism - equations.

From: Long-term prediction of fish growth under varying ambient temperature using a multiscale dynamic model

State variables  
a(t) = (a a , a p , a b , p a )T  
a a = amino acids in the free AA pool  
a p = amino acids channeled to protein synthesis  
a b = amino acids channeled to catabolism  
p a = tissue protein given by its amino acid composition  
u aa = 20 amino acids that are recieved from the feed (input variable)  
State equations  
= -k aa a a - U ps k p a a + u aa k aa = 1/s
= U ps k p a a - v s (t)a p + f p v d (t)p a k p = 1/s
= k aa a a + f t v d (t)p a - ab, cat  
= v s (t)a p - v d (t)p a  
  1. State vector a(t) and equations for the protein metabolism submodel illustrated in Figure 9.