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Table 1 The number of consensus cattle gene pairs in the NCBI and Ensembl cattle genome databases

From: Reconstruction of metabolic pathways for the cattle genome

Type of match Number of pairs Unique matches
Same gene coordinates 2,109 2,109
Gene symbol 6,479 5,187
Entrez gene ID 16,163 8,800
Gene product name 7,026 71
E.C. number 1,360 6
Manual* N.A. 27
Total 33,137 16,200
Not matched 2,276 2,276
  1. The total number of matches using each criterion; one-to-one match was not assumed.
  2. Number in each row is sequential for the match criteria given under "number of pairs", in addition to the matches for the criteria immediately above; only one-to-one matches were considered.
  3. *Manually matched because the consensus genes were classified into different 'gene type' (e.g. protein coding, pseudogene, tRNA and miscellaneous RNA) in the NCBI and Ensembl gene models.