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Table 2 The functional enrichment for the 213 genes in GO annotation

From: A combinatorial approach to determine the context-dependent role in transcriptional and posttranscriptional regulation in Arabidopsis thaliana

GO annotation Within group
(213 genes)
All genes
(25,676 genes)
DNA or RNA binding 41 2801 8.8e-003
Transcription factor activity 62 3212 5.1e-009
Transcription 41 2466 5.0e-004
Nucleus 57 3087 1.9e-007
Transport 43 2780 1.8e-003
Response to abiotic or biotic stimulus 97 3911 5.1e-024
Response to stress 47 1821 9.9e-011
  1. The P-values were adjusted for multiple tests using Bonferroni correction.