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Table 3 Sample node list file.

From: ChemChains: a platform for simulation and analysis of biochemical networks aimed to laboratory scientists

Node Name Node ID Initial State
Node 1 1 1
Node 2 2  
Node 3 3 1
Input 1 IN4  
Input 2 IN5  
  1. The node list file is a tab-delimited text file is supplied to ChemChains in order to convert a set of truth tables to a network descriptor file. The first column contains the name of all network nodes (including external external inputs). The second column provides the node ID. Note that for external input nodes, the ID has to contain the 'IN' prefix which helps the software to recognize external input nodes from the remaining network nodes. The initial state column is where the user can specify the initial state for each node (while external input nodes are also included in this file, their initial states do not need to be specified, as the sole purpose of this file is to mediate the creation of network descriptor file which solely contains nodes of type "Bool").