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Table 2 Reactions of PKA Model A

From: Deterministic mathematical models of the cAMP pathway in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Reaction name Formula Rate law
cAMP-PKA association cAMP + PKA.x*cAMP PKA.(x+1)*cAMP k cAMPgain [PKA·x*cAMP][cAMP]
cAMP-PKA dissociation PKA.x*cAMP PKA.(x-1)*cAMP + cAMP k cAMPloss [PKA·x*cAMP]
PKA dissociation PKA*4cAMP 2R*2cAMP + 2 C k PKAdiss [PKA*4cAMP]
R-cAMP dissociation R*2cAMP R + 2 cAMP k RcAMPdiss [R*2cAMP]
PKA association 2 R + 2 C PKA k PKAass [R]2[C]2