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Table 7 List of genes appearing in the four GO-Enriched clusters analyzed using Genevestigator

From: Large-scale analysis of Arabidopsis transcription reveals a basal co-regulation network

Cluster Gene ID Gene name Description
1 AT2G43530   Encodes a defensin-like (DEFL) family protein.
defense response AT4G23600 CORI3 Encodes cystine lyase which is expected to be involved in amino acid metabolism, providing the plant with cysteine and the generation of precursors of ethylene biosynthesis. mRNA levels are elevated in response to wounding
  AT5G02940   similar to phosphotransferase-related [Arabidopsis thaliana]
  AT1G53310 ATPPC1 Encodes one of four Arabidopsis phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase proteins
  AT5G42650 AOS Encodes a member of the cytochrome p450 CYP74 gene family that functions as an allene oxide synthase.
  AT1G19670 CORI1 Chlorophyllase is the first enzyme involved in chlorophyll degradation.
  AT3G45140 LOX2 Chloroplast lipoxygenase required for wound-induced jasmonic acid accumulation in Arabidopsis. Mutants are resistant to Staphylococcus aureus and accumulate salicylic acid upon infection.
  AT2G43550   Encodes a defensin-like (DEFL) family protein.
2 AT5G06640   proline-rich extensin-like family protein
structural constituent of cell wall AT3G54590 AthRGP1 Encodes a hydroxyproline-rich glycoprotein
  AT4G08410   proline-rich extensin-like family protein
  AT2G24980   proline-rich extensin-like family protein; Identical to Extensin-2 precursor (EXT2)
3 AT1G29440   auxin-responsive family protein
response to auxin stimulus AT1G29500   auxin-responsive protein, putative
  AT1G29460   auxin-responsive protein, putative
4 AT5G65360   histone H3; Identical to Histone H3.2 (HTR1) [Arabidopsis Thaliana]
nucleosome assembly AT1G09200   histone H3; Identical to Histone H3.2 (HTR1) [Arabidopsis Thaliana]
  AT5G10390   histone H3; Identical to Histone H3.2 (HTR1) [Arabidopsis Thaliana]
  AT5G59870 HTA6 Encodes HTA6, a histone H2A protein.