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Figure 3

From: The function of communities in protein interaction networks at multiple scales

Figure 3

Fraction of proteins of particular types in functionally homogeneous communities. The fraction of proteins, f, of particular types that are in functionally homogeneous communities in the A network, with changing resolution parameter. With changing resolution parameter proteins of particular types have consistent differences as to how often they are found in functionally homogeneous communities. For example, proteins involved in chromosome organisation are far more likely to be in functionally homogeneous communities than proteins involved in metabolism. There are also some features that suggest 'good' resolutions for particular processes. For example, a good resolution for proteins involved in vesicular mediated transport would be log(λ) = 2.7 (for which the mean size of communities is 10), whereas for proteins involved in RNA metabolic processes, log(λ) = 0.8 would be better (the mean size of communities is 30).

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