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Table 2 Interactions predicted by C3NET, shown as red edges in Fig. 7, declared as false positives according to the reference network G 2007 E C .

From: Inferring the conservative causal core of gene regulatory networks

  regulator gene regulated gene literature
confirmed gadE gadB [49]
  gadE hdeD [49]
  gadE yhiD [50]
  lrp pntA [51]
  fliA tsr [52]
  flhD flhC [53] (protein complex)
predicted interactions dnaA amiB  
  dnaA rnpA  
  fliA flgA  
  lrp artJ  
  lrp aroP indirect interaction via TyrR [47]
  lexA araB  
  lexA araD  
  lexA araE  
  lrp pntB  
  tdcR yiaM  
  tdcR bglG  
  csgD trpD  
  csgD trpC  
  zur glmU  
  purR aroH  
  fnr dinF  
  cbl treB  
  gadE slp  
  gadE dps  
  1. Among these 25 interactions 6 receive support from the literature to be in fact true positives.