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Table 3 Significant biological pathways in the set of zero TO genes between regions.

From: Analysis of Alzheimer's disease severity across brain regions by topological analysis of gene co-expression networks

Region comparison Pathways p value (FDR = 0.05)
EC-HIP Bacterial infections in CF airways 1.27e-4
  Transcription NF-kB signalling pathways 1.46e-4
  Immune response MIF in innate immunity response 2.34e-4
  G-protein signalling RhoB regulation pathway 3.09e-4
  Immune response-bacterial infections 7.75e-4
  Toll-like receptor signalling pathway leading to proinflammatory response 9.02e-4
EC-MTG TGF, WNT and cytoskeleton remodelling 4.51e-4
  Transport Rab-9 regulation pathway 1.48e-3
EC-PCC Immune response-Function MEF2 in T lymphocytes 9.40e-4
  Plasmin signalling 3.51e-3
HIP-MTG Transport Rab-3 regulation pathway 6.52e-3
  Intracellular cholesterol transport 6.56e-3
HIP-PCC Neurophysiological process - Dopamine D2 receptor transactivation of PDGFR in CNS 9.64e-4
  TGF beta mediated regulation of cell proliferation 1.95e-3
PCC-MTG Sorting endosome formation in CF 2.51e-4
  Role of inhibitor of apoptosis (IAP) proteins 1.23e-2