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Table 1 Transcriptional regulators and their predicted target genes

From: Regulatory network modelling of iron acquisition by a fungal pathogen in contact with epithelial cells

Regulator source Prior 1/2/3 found from prior 1/2/3 newly predicted target genes
Hap3 0/0/15 0/0/10 CFL11, FTH1, SEF1, TUP1, HAP3, FRE7 (orf19.7077), FET33 FRE4 (orf19.1844), FET34, FRE6 (orf19.6138), RIM101
Rim101 2/4/7 2/1/6 FRE4 (orf19.1844), MRS4 (orf19.2178) TUP1, FTH1
Tup1 1/7/14 1/6/5 FRE3 (orf19.1270),TUP1,
Sef1 0/0/0 0/0/0 FRE7 (orf19.7077)
  1. For each regulator the number of compiled prior knowledge edges, the number of inferred edges consistent with this prior knowledge, and newly predicted target genes are shown. For description of the three prior knowledge sources see Methods. A target gene is scored as "newly predicted" if it was predicted by the time series data without prior knowledge, or if it was predicted by prior knowledge based on the occurrence of TFBS (source 3) and was found to be consistent with the time series data. Newly predicted target genes are ordered in respect to the stability of the regulatory interaction (number of re-sampling during random perturbation of time series data and cross-validation of prior knowledge).