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Table 1 Tags for protein degradation or cleavage

From: Targeted protein depletion in Saccharomyces cerevisiae by activation of a bidirectional degron

Constructs N-degron C-degron Bidirectional degron Source
TDegF + - - [25]
TDegM - - - [25]
GFP-cODC1-TDegF-RFP + + + This work
GFP-cODC1-TDegF + + + This work
cODC1-TDegM - + - This work
cODC2-TDegF + + + This work
  1. The sequence of TDegM is similar to TDegF with the exception of the TEV protease cleavage site (ENLYFQ-M replaces ENLYFQ-F). The sequences for cODC1-TDegF and cODC2-TDegF differ in the length of the cODC sequence inserted into TDegF (Figure 1A, C). The ability to act as an N-degron, a C-degron or a bidirectional degron is indicated for all constructs (+).