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Table 1 Accuracy of microbial metabolic models vs iMM904 model.

From: Improving the iMM904 S. cerevisiae metabolic model using essentiality and synthetic lethality data

Microorganism Name of the metabolic model Specificity (%) Reference
Saccharomyces cerevisiae i MM904 38.8 [6] and this study
Escherichiae coli i AF1260 73.4 [9]
Mycoplasma genitalium i PS189 79.0 [10]
Bacillus subtilis i BSU1103 89.3 [11]
Pseudomonas putida - 74.5 [12]
Helicobacter pylori i IT341 GSM/GPR 73.0 [13]
Salmonella Typhimurium i MA945 66.7 [14]
  1. Comparison of the fraction of correctly predicted lethal knockouts (i.e., specificities) of microbial genome-scale metabolic models against the yeast i MM904 model for single gene mutation experiments.