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Table 2 Biochemical Kinetic Model Parameters

From: Two additive mechanisms impair the differentiation of 'substrate-selective' p38 inhibitors from classical p38 inhibitors in vitro

Name Description Value Units Reference
K D, ATP ATP-p38 affinity 67 uM In-house measurement
K D, ATF2 ATF2-p38 affinity 38 uM [30]
K D, MK2 MK2-p38 affinity 20 nM [31]
k cat, ATF2 p38-ATF2 catalytic rate 1.2 s-1 [30]
k cat, MK2 p38-MK2 catalytic rate 0.17
In-house measurement
[p38] p38 (active) initial condition 0.5 nM  
[ATP] ATP initial condition 50 uM  
[ATF2] ATF2 initial condition 100 nM  
[MK2] MK2 initial condition 10 nM