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Table 4 Initial values for the DARPP-32 phosphorylation system in dendrites of medium spiny neurons in the striatum (see legend of Figure 1 for abbreviations)

From: The internal state of medium spiny neurons varies in response to different input signals

Molecule Concentration (nM) Reference
DA 10.0 [45]
D1 5.0E+2 [45]
Gαβγ 3.0E+3 [45]
AC5 2.5E+3 [45]
ATP 2.0E+6 [45]
PDE1 4.0E+3 [45]
PDE4 2.0E+3 [45]
DARPP-32 5.0E+4 [52]
PKA 1.2E+3 [53]
PP2Bi 4.0E+3 [45]
CDK5 1.8E+3 [45]
PP2A 2.0E+3 [54, 55]
CK1 2.0E+3  
PP2C 2.0E+3  
PP1 5.0E+3 [56, 57]
CK2 2.0E+3