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Table 1 The superior enzyme route candidates for the production of each target chemical.

From: Prediction of novel synthetic pathways for the production of desired chemicals

Target chemical Enzyme route candidates
1-propanol ec4.1.1.1 → ec1.1.1.2
  ec4.1.1.1 → ec1.1.99.8
isobutanol ec4.1.1.1 → ec1.1.1.2
  ec4.1.1.1 → ec1.1.99.8
1-butanol ec4.1.1.1 → ec1.1.1.2
  ec4.1.1.1 → ec1.1.1.61
  ec4.1.1.1 → ec1.1.99.8
2-methyl-1-butanol ec → ec1.1.1.2
  ec4.1.1.1 → ec1.1.99.8
3-methyl-1-butanol ec → ec1.1.1.2
  ec4.1.1.1 → ec1.1.99.8
2-phenylethanol ec4.1.1.17 → ec1.1.1.90
3HP ec4.2.1.17 → ec3.1.2.4
butyryl-CoA ec1.2.7.7 → ec5.4.99.13
  1. Enzyme route candidates have higher values in all factors compared to the experimentally identified pathways.