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Table 4 Number of proteins predicted by compartment-specific predictor.

From: The proteins of intra-nuclear bodies: a data-driven analysis of sequence, interaction and expression

Predictor Actual compartment Predictions
Nucleolus vs other (578) Nucleolus 373
  Nuclear speckle 78
  PML nuclear body 24
  Cajal body 12
Nuclear speckles vs other (392) Nucleolus 94
  Nuclear speckles 223
  PML nuclear body 16
  Cajal body 7
PML nuclear body vs other (83) Nucleolus 18
  Nuclear speckle 22
  PML nuclear body 12
  Cajal body 1
Cajal body vs other (36) Nucleolus 17
  Nuclear speckle 6
  PML nuclear body 2
  Cajal Body 5
  1. For each compartment-specific predictor, the known (experimentally determined) compartment is shown for all "positive" predictions (total number of positive predictions are shown in parenthesis). The last column shows the number of predictions that knowingly belong to the compartment identified in the second column. For example, the test outcomes of the predictor trained to discriminate nucleolar proteins from others are shown in the first section. Of 578 positives, 373 were correctly classified, 78 were classified as "nuclear speckle" proteins, etc. Note that in the case of multi-class proteins, the alternative compartment is not necessarily incorrect.