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Table 1 The 35 microRNA that distinguish tumor from normal tissue in human ccRCC.

From: Identifying mRNA targets of microRNA dysregulated in cancer: with application to clear cell Renal Cell Carcinoma

microRNA Expression Status in ccRCC Hystotype (from references:
[522, 3540, 65, 66, 73, 74, 79])
Cancer-related Regions[17, 18]
miR-100 Down Up in pancreas, stomach 11q23-q24 (D)
   Down in ovarian  
miR-10b Down Down in breast  
miR-125b Down Up in pancreas 11q23 (D)
   Down in breast  
miR-26a+ Down Down in epithelial cancers 3p21.3 (D)
miR-133b Down Down in ovarian  
miR-135a Down   3p21.1-21.2 (D)
miR-135b Down   
miR-136 Down   14q32 (D)
miR-141 Down Up in lung, ovarian  
miR-149 Down   2q37 (D)
miR-154 Down Down in ovarian 14q32 (D)
miR-199a Down Up in lung, pancreas, prostate  
   Down in ovarian  
miR-200a* Down Up in ovarian  
miR-200b Down Up in lung, ovarian  
miR-200c Down Up in ovarian  
miR-204 Down Down in ovarian  
miR-211 Down   
miR-218 Down   4p15.3 (D)
miR-30a-3p Down   
miR-30a-5p Down Down in lung  
miR-337 Down   14q32 (D)
miR-377 Down   
miR-411 Down   14q32 (D)
miR-429 Down   
miR-507 Down   
miR-510 Down   
miR-514 Down   
miR-142-3p Up   
miR-155 Up Up in breast, colon, lung 21q21 (A)
miR-185 Up Up in kidney, bladder  
miR-21 Up Up in breast, colon, lung, pancreas, prostate, stomach,; gliobastoma cervical 17q23.2 (A)
miR-210 Up Up in breast  
miR-224 Up Down in lung, ovarian Xq28
miR-34a Up Up in lung, rat RCC 11q23-q24 (D)
   Down in neuroblastoma  
miR-34b Up   
miR-592 Up   
  1. Cancer-related regions listed are either deleted regions (D), amplified regions (A) or breakpoint regions.