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Table 2 Some representative, direct mRNA targets of microRNA predicted by our method.

From: Identifying mRNA targets of microRNA dysregulated in cancer: with application to clear cell Renal Cell Carcinoma

microRNA mRNA Status of mRNA in ccRCC
miR-142-3p LRRC2 Down +
miR-185 PTEN Down
miR-185 PTPN13 Down +
miR-185 KCNJ16 Down
miR-21 SLC12A1 Down +
miR-21 TCF21 Down +
miR-34a SFRP1 Down +
miR-34a CAMTA1 Down
miR-224 ERBB4 Down +
miR-199a COL11A1 Up
miR-141/200a* SEMA6A Up +
miR-141/200a* RBM3 Up
miR-149 LOX Up +
miR-149 KCNAB1 Up +
miR-149 KCNMA1 Up +
miR-200bc/429 VEGF Up +
miR-200bc/429 FAS Up
miR-204/211 COL1A2 Up
miR-204/211 FN1 Up
miR-218 LOXL2 Up
miR-218 IGFBP3 Up
  1. The full list of identified microRNA/mRNA pairs is given in Additional Files 1 and 2. + marks microRNA/mRNA anti-correlations that were tested/validated on an independent set of matched ccRCC/normal kidney samples.