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Table 4 Gene deletion and overexpression strategies for isobutanol production in E. coli.

From: OptORF: Optimal metabolic and regulatory perturbations for metabolic engineering of microbial strains

Deleted Genes Overexpressed Genes Growth Rate (hr-1) Isobutanol Yield (%)
adhE gdhA    0.223 89.5
adhE gntR pgi   0.128 93.8
adhE pgi   edd       fbp 0.128 94.3
adhE pntA nuoN edd       fbp 0.110 95.1
adhE pntA gdhA edd       fbp 0.102 95.5
  1. The predicted isobutanol yields and growth rates are listed for gene deletion and overexpression strategies. The two enzymes needed for synthesis of isobutanol (KDC and ADH) were assumed to be present for all cases. The variability in isobutanol yield at the predicted maximum growth rate was zero or very small (< 0.01%) for all cases. The isobutanol yield is reported as % of the maximum theoretical yield (100% is 0.41 g isobutanol/g glucose or 1 mol isobutanol/mol glucose). The simulation conditions were the same as the ethanol case.