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Table 1 Genes identified as distinguishing the MPK407 knockout strain from wild-type by T-Test analysis

From: Large scale physiological readjustment during growth enables rapid, comprehensive and inexpensive systems analysis

ORF Name Replicon Gene Symbol Fold Change Function (listed if known)
VNG0001H Chromosome VNG0001H 0.01977  
VNG0002G Chromosome yvrO 0.02768 ABC transporter, ATP-binding protein
VNG0003C Chromosome VNG0003C 0.02390  
VNG0035C Chromosome VNG0035C 0.0156  
VNG0058H Chromosome VNG0058H 87.10  
VNG0146H Chromosome VNG0146H 0.02169  
VNG0539C Chromosome VNG0539C 0.01066  
VNG0617H Chromosome VNG0617H 0.0326  
VNG0620G Chromosome edp 0.01955 Proteinase IV homolog
VNG0810H Chromosome VNG0810H 0.02972  
VNG0849C Chromosome VNG0849C 0.02645  
VNG0928G Chromosome mak 0.02170 MAPK-activated protein kinase
VNG0934H Chromosome VNG0934H 0.03188  
VNG0942G Chromosome cheW2 0.01911 Chemotaxis protein
VNG0943C Chromosome VNG0943C 0.01461  
VNG0958G Chromosome htr15 0.01418 Htr15 transducer
VNG0974G Chromosome cheY 0.03160 Chemotaxis protein
VNG0976G Chromosome cheW1 0.01584 Chemotaxis protein
VNG1276C Chromosome VNG1276C 34.86  
VNG1607G Chromosome cheC2 28.79 Chemotaxis protein
VNG2442H Chromosome VNG2442H 41.40  
VNG6155H pNRC200 VNG6155H 90.14  
VNG6159H pNRC200 VNG6159H 61.89  
VNG6332H pNRC200 VNG6332H 66.12  
VNG6361G pNRC200 npa 20.8 Neutral proteinase
VNG6368H pNRC200 VNG6368H 36.26  
VNG6379C pNRC200 VNG6379C 106.4  
VNG6385H pNRC200 VNG6385H 42.94  
VNG6413H pNRC200 VNG6413H 40.25  
VNG6420H pNRC200 VNG6420H 24.48  
VNG6441H pNRC200 VNG6441H 67.71 putative DNA-binding protein