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Figure 5

From: Hematopoietic differentiation: a coordinated dynamical process towards attractor stable states

Figure 5

Progressive displacement of different cell lineages from unstable state (stem/progenitor cells) to attractors (differentiated cells). (A) Multidimensional Scaling plots of the among lineages distances as computed on the entire transcriptome at different steps of differentiation. The average radius of the entire set increases in time consistently with the progressive differentiation of lineages, the relative distances between samples remain linearly invariant (i.e proportional), pointing to an early commitment of the lineages at five days and to a common differentiation rate. (B) Distances between lineages determined by computing their genome-wide mutual correlations at different time points. (C) Correlation between pairwise lineage distances at different time windows. The scoring of a linear correlation between pairwise samples distance is the proof of a progressive motion along a smooth differentiation landscape.

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