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Table 1 Main topological parameters of capacitation and AR networks

From: The spermatozoa caught in the net: the biological networks to study the male gametes post-ejaculatory life

  capacitation AR
N°nodes 146 141
N°edges 197 191
Clustering coefficient 0.029 0.026
Diameter 20 20
Averaged n°neighbours 2.667 2.695
Char. path length 6.606 6.736
  1. The number of nodes represent the total number of molecules involved, the number of edges represents the total number of interaction found, the clustering coefficient is calculated as C I = 2n I/k(k-1), where n I is the number of links connecting the k I neighbours of node I to each other, the network diameter is the largest distance between two nodes, the Averaged n°neighbours represent the mean number of connection of each node, the Char. path length gives the expected distance between two connected nodes.