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Table 2 Modeled molecular events that, starting from the initial marking, lead to successive states of the Petri net

From: Reconstruction of extended Petri nets from time series data and its application to signal transduction and to gene regulatory networks

Process leads to State
Initial marking, inorganic phosphate present x0
Uptake of Pi, depleting Pi from the periplasm x1
Dephosphorylation of PstSCAB-P x2
Activation of PhoU x3
Phosphorylation of PhoR x4
Phosphorylation of PhoB x5
Biosynthesis of PhoA x6
Transport of PhoA into the periplasm x7
Degradation of Po_PP (organic phosphate) x8
Phosphorylation of PstSCAB x9
Deactivation of PhoU x10
Dephosphorylation of PhoB-P x11
  1. The table is useful to assign the state vectors listed in Tables 3 and 4 to the subsequently occurring molecular events.