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Table 5 Key electron sinks that compete with H2 production**

From: iRsp1095: A genome-scale reconstruction of the Rhodobacter sphaeroides metabolic network

Electron Sink Pathway Reaction Responsible Genes
PHB Butanoate Metabolism RXN0589 RSP0382, RSP1257
H2S Sulfur Metabolism RXN0866 RSP1942
Glycogen Starch & Sucrose Metabolism RXN0849 RSP2887
Formate One Carbon Pool by Folate RXN0323 RSP0944
Glycerate Glycerolipid Metabolism RXN0030 RSP1292, RSP1507, RSP3740, RSP4003, RSP2372
4-Coumarate Nitrogen Metabolism RXN0495 RSP3574
Methanethiol Cysteine & Methionine Metabolism RXN1096 RSP1851
4-Aminobutyraldehyde* Glycolysis/Gluconeogenesis RXN0031 RSP4003, RSP3740, RSP2372, RSP1507, RSP1292
Chitobiose* Amino Sugar and Nucleotide Sugar Metabolism RXN0040 RSP2941
D-1-Aminopropan-2-ol O-phosphate* Cobalamin Metabolism RXN0653 RSP0430
Heme* Heme Metabolism RXN0632 RSP1197
Ethanolamine* Glycerophospholipid Metabolism RXN0378 RSP0113
  1. *Competitors for sub-optimal growth conditions only.
  2. ** Secretion of central metabolism intermediates pyruvate, fumarate, and malate were blocked, assuming that cells are programmed to reuse these compounds as carbon sources even after secretion. This was based on observations with batch cultures [3], but might not hold true for continuous cultures.