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Table 4 Ratio of protein abundance in the model without repression to the model under consideration

From: Global transcription regulation of RK2 plasmids: a case study in the combined use of dynamical mathematical models and statistical inference for integration of experimental data and hypothesis exploration

Model    11 plasmids  
  kA[s-1] Atot
Atot(no repression) [nM] Ratio
11 7.9 1576 91741 58
uu 11.5 1649 133548 81
u0 14 1649 162582 99
0u 43 1627 499355 307
00 735 1649 133548 5308
  1. Ratios for the system with 11 plasmids; kA, kB - protein synthesis rate for KorA and KorB, respectively; Atot, Btot - total monomer abundance of KorA and KorB, respectively; Ratio A, Ratio B - a ratio of protein abundance between the model with no repression and the system under consideration for KorA and KorB, respectively; models: the first and second signs stand for expression from complexes when KorA or KorB are bound to the DNA, respectively, 1 - no repression, u - partial repression, 0 - total repression.