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Table 1 Conservation statistics between S. cerevisiae and S. pombe

From: Biological interaction networks are conserved at the module level

Baseline Previous explanations Module based explanations
  Hubs Complexes Molecular function WMI WMI -no hubs WMI ext.
18.11% 26% 26%/35% 26% 46.54% 42.87% 49.66%
  1. Conservation rates for S. pombe with respect to S. cerevisiae are based on the integrated networks for the following categories: Baseline: the entire networks; Hubs: highest rate reported for any bin based on node degree; Complexes: complexes as defined by the Gavin and Krogran studies [13, 14]; Molecular function: highest rate reported for interactions with any GO molecular function; WMI: Within-Module Interactions; WMI - no hubs: WMI excluding interactions with hubs; Extended WMI: extended module interactions. See text for further details.