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Table 2 Likelihood-ratio test between the models

From: In vivo kinetics of transcription initiation of the lar promoter in Escherichia coli. Evidence for a sequential mechanism with two rate-limiting steps

Induction Weak Medium
(d0, d1) p-value p-value
(1, 2) 3.10 × 10-14 3.57 × 10-9
(2, 3) 0.4451 0.0955
(3, 4) 0.7186 1
  1. Likelihood-ratio test between pairs of models. Null model is d0 step model (where d0 equals 1, 2, or 3) while the alternative model is a d1 step model (where d1 = d0+1), in the regimes of weak and medium induction. For p-values smaller than 0.01, it is generally accepted that the null model should be rejected in favour of the alternative. The single step model is insufficient in both regimes.