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Table 2 Comparison between experimental data and model simulations for growth on eleven different carbon sources.

From: An experimentally-supported genome-scale metabolic network reconstruction for Yersinia pestis CO92

Carbon Source Experimental Computational Comments
Gluconate Yes (0.27) Yes  
   Without citrate: 0.27  
   With citrate: 0.28  
Glucose Yes (0.29) Yes  
   Without citrate: 0.28  
   With citrate: 0.28  
Glycerol No Yes Model suggests glycerol can enter central metabolism indirectly through fatty acid biosynthesis and degradation pathways, thereby permitting slow growth
Acetate Yes (0.14) Yes  
Citrate Yes (0.086) Yes  
Lactate Yes (0.12) Yes  
Xylose Yes (0.20) Yes  
Ribose Yes (0.17) Yes  
Galactose Yes (0.16) Yes  
Maltose Yes (0.27) Yes  
Arabinose Yes (0.28) Yes  
  1. Values in parentheses in the Experimental column are the measured growth rates performed as part of this study. Values in parentheses in the Computational column indicate model-predicted growth rates in BCS defined media with or without citrate and with glucose or gluconate as the principal carbon source.