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Table 1 Initial values for the parameters in the model

From: DnaA and the timing of chromosome replication in Es-cherichia coli as a function of growth rate

Parameter Untransformed Value (at τ= 21 mins) Units Reference
Basal transcription rate k A 75 molecules/min [70]
RNAP binding e Δ ε p d k B T 12/10000 Dimensionless [42]
Dna-ATP binding e Δ ε a d k B T 1/10000 Dimensionless [18], †
RNAP amount P0 5050 molecules [41]
RIDA rate k R 10 molecules/min [24]
Replication rate kΛ 1/40 genome equivalents/min [8]
non-specific binding sites N NS 5 × 106 (genome equivalent)-1 [42]
  1. The parameters are fixed with the values in the table for τ = 21 mins and then are able to vary for the other values of τ in order to fix the ratio of DnaA-ATP:chromosome length at the moment of initiation (t = X). †: Chiara Sag-gioro, Anne Olliver, Bianca Sclavi: Multiple levels of regulation in the growth rate dependence of DnaA expression, submitted.