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Table 1 Model ratios for number of frequencies in the data

From: Automated Bayesian model development for frequency detection in biological time series

Case N ω Models Model ratio
A 1 H1ω/H2ω 66936
B 2 H1ω/H2ω 0
B 2 H2ω/H3ω 686
  1. Case A has only one frequency, N ω = 1, and case B has two, N ω = 2. The model ratio of a model including one frequency, H1ω, and a model with two, H2ω, is well above 1 for case A, showing that the simpler model should be chosen. For case B, the first ratio is close to 0, showing that the more complex model with two frequencies is far more likely. Values below 10-8 are listed as 0. The second ratio is above 1, preferring the model with two frequencies to the one with three.