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Table 1 Parameter change factors for the two parameter combinations involving g1.

From: Modeling of leishmaniasis infection dynamics: novel application to the design of effective therapies

Parameter combination FC(g1)/FCpk Parameter combination FC(g1)/FCpk
g11 1.73/0,67 g1/g5 1.77/0,81
g12 1.78/1,60 g1/g6 1.78/1,74
g13 1.79/1,20 g1/g7 1.78/1,49
g14 1.79/0,79 g1/g8 1.76/1,20
g15 1.78/1,26 g1/g9 1.77/1,18
g16 1.79/0,94 g1/g10 1.77/1,76
g17 1.79/1,20 g1/g11 1.79/1,58
g18 1.79/1,53 g1/g12 1.77/1,65
g1/g2 1.77/0,83 g1/g13 1.79/1,54
g1/g3 1.79/0,95 g1/g14 1.74/0,92
g1/g4 1.79/1,21   
  1. The Parameter combination columns stand for the combination of parameter while the FC(g1)/FCpk columns indicate the ratio between the factor change (FC) of the original value or g1 over the FC of the corresponding parameter (pk)