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Table 2 Parameters of transcription and translation

From: A model of estrogen-related gene expression reveals non-linear effects in transcriptional response to tamoxifen

Process Rate constant Value in the model, s-1 Existing experimental estimates, s-1 Reference
mRNA synthesis induced by ER2-hormone complexes k sr 0.195 0.125-0.2 [74]
mRNA synthesis induced by ER2-inhibitor complexes k sr,i 0.02 -  
mRNA synthesis induced by ER2-hormone-inhibitor complexes k sr,hi 0.05 -  
mRNA synthesis induced by ER2 k sr,b 0.001 -  
mRNA degradation k dr * (0.0025)* 0.001-0.003 [74]
    1.5×10-4-0.005 [75]
Protein synthesis k sp * (0.001)* 3×10-4 - 0.03 [76]
Protein degradation k dp * (2×10-5)* 1.4×10-5 -3×10-5 [76]
Constant ratio k dp k dr k sp κ 5×10-5   
  1. Parameters marked (*) could not be evaluated independently. Use of the dose dependence data only allowed estimation of the ratio κ, as defined in equation (22). The given values are realistic estimates of k dr , k sp and k dp chosen to satisfy the equation for κ (see Additional File 3 for further details).