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Table 2 Reactions in the heat shock response model of E. coli

From: A multiscale approximation in a heat shock response model of E. coli

  Reaction Transition
R1 gene S 8 Recombinant protein synthesis
R2 S2S3 Holoenzyme association
R3 S3S2 Holoenzyme disassociation
R4 S 1 S 2 σ32 translation
R5 S 3 gene S 2 + S 5 GroEL synthesis
R6 S 3 gene S 2 + S 4 FtsH synthesis
R7 S 3 gene S 2 + S 6 J-production
R8 S7S2 + S6 σ32-J-disassociation
R9 S2 + S6S7 σ32-J-association
R10 S6 + S8S9 Recombinant protein-J association
R11 S8 Recombinant protein degradation
R12 S9S6 + S8 Recombinant protein-J disassociation
R13 gene S 1 σ32 transcription
R14 S1 σ32 mRNA decay
R15 S 7 S 4 S 6 σ32 degradation
R16 S 5 GroEL degradation
R17 S 6 J-disassociation
R18 S 4 FtsH degradation
  1. In Reaction 5, 6, and 7, we assume that the number of molecules of each gene is 1 and that these reactions are effectively unimolecular. Similarly, Reactions 1 and 13 are treated as production from a source.