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Table 1 Comparison of protein degradation data sets

From: Mapping the stabilome: a novel computational method for classifying metabolic protein stability

Data set comparison P-value (Spearman rank correlation) Adjusted ρ 2
GPSP vs SILAC 0.976 -0.002305
GPSP vs SILAC (non-sec/TM) 0.7525 -0.003241
GPSP vs Bleach Chase 0.4642 -0.008504
SILAC vs Bleach Chase 0.3826 -0.01887
  1. Comparisons were made between the Global Protein Stability Profiling method (GPSP) and the Stable Isotope Labeling of Amino Acids in Culture (SILAC) method. This comparison was repeated with transmembrane and secreted proteins removed. The bleach chase data was also compared with GPSP and SILAC. All comparisons were made with a Spearman rank correlation, as well as being fitted to a linear model.