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Table 3 The novel predictions of DCPred2

From: The drug cocktail network

Rank Drug components P-value Common
Reported effective combinations?
10 DB00275; DB00177
Olmesartan; Valsartan
4.35E-05 AGTR1 No
11 DB00275; DB00966
Olmesartan; Telmisartan
4.35E-05 AGTR1 No
12 DB00177; DB00966
Valsartan; Telmisartan
4.35E-05 AGTR1 No
13 DB01248; DB00441
Docetaxel; Gemcitabine
4.83E-05 None Yes
14 DB00526; DB01248
Oxaliplatin; Docetaxel
4.83E-05 None No
22 DB00398; DB00112
Sorafenib; Bevacizumab
0.000130406 None Yes
23 DB00741; DB00860
Hydrocortisone; Prednisolone
0.000130406 None No
24 DB01132; DB00412
Pioglitazone; Rosiglitazone
0.000130406 PPARG No
25 DB00480; DB00987
Lenalidomide; Cytarabine
0.000130406 None No
26 DB00398; DB00002
Sorafenib; Cetuximab
0.000130406 None No
27 DB00564; DB00776
Carbamazepine; Oxcarbazepine
0.000130406 SCN5A No
34 DB00762; DB01101
Irinotecan; Capecitabine
0.000260813 None Yes
35 DB00480; DB01041
Lenalidomide; Thalidomide
0.000260813 PTGS2 Yes
  1. Novel predictions (not reported in DCDB) in the top 35 ranked drug combinations, where only drugs having at least 2 neighbors were included, resulting in 74 positive drug combinations and 1107 random ones.