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Table 3 Selected complexes predicted by our method-II on DIP data

From: Discovering protein complexes in protein interaction networks via exploring the weak ties effect

ID Match P-value Predicted complexes    Function
1 90.5% 5.44E-44 YBL002W YBR009C YBR154C YDL140C DNA-directed RNA polymerase activity
    YDL150W YGL070C YJR063W YKL144C  
    YKR025W YNL113W YNR003C YOR116C  
    YOR151C YOR207C YOR210W YOR224C  
    YOR341W YPR010C YPR110C YPR187W  
2 94.4% 8.77E-40 YDL150W YKL144C YKR025W YNL151C RNA polymerase activity
    YNR003C YOR116C YOR207C YPR110C  
    YBL002W YBR154C YDR045C YJR063W  
    YNL113W YOR224C YOR341W YPR010C  
    YPR187W YPR190C    
3 100% 7.57E-26 YPL138C YDR469W YBR175W YHR119W histone methyltransferase activity (H3-K4 specific)
    YBR258C YAR003W YKL018W YLR015W  
4 88.2% 1.49E-20 YBL093C YBR253W YDR443C YNL025C transcription regulator activity
    YNL236W YOR140W YBR193C YCR081W  
    YDL005C YER022W YGL151W YGR104C  
    YHR041C YOL051W YOL135C YPL042C YPL248C  
5 100% 2.64E-21 Q0085 YBL099W YDR298C YDR377W YJR121W proton-transporting ATPase activity, rotational mechanism
    YKL016C YML081C-A YPL078C YPR020W