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Table 3 Common cliques across the four population datasets

From: Cliques for the identification of gene signatures for colorectal cancer across population

Clique Enriched GOTerms Processes(p-value) Literature of CRC
EGFR, ESR1, GRB2, PTPN6, SHC1, SRC, PIK3R1 GO:0007173 EGFR signaling pathway (0.00253) ESR1 [69]
  GO:0071363 Cellular response to growth GRB2 [49]
  GO:0007105 Signal transduction (0.002) EEGFR [49]
BRCA1, CREBBP, EP300, ESR1, SMAD2, SMAD3, TP53 GO:000637 Regulation of transcription from RNA polymerase II promoter (0.0044) BRCA1 [73], CREBBP [72]
  GO:0033993 Response to lipid
SMAD2 [48]
  GO:0031325 Positive regulation of cellular metabolic process (0.00048) P53 [48],
EP300 [72]
CSN2, CSN3, CSN4, CSN5, CSN6, CSN7, CSN8, TP53 GO:000338 Protein deneddylation (1.7E-18)  
  GO:0044267 Cellular protein metabolic process (0.00029)  
DIS3, EXOSC2, EXOSC4, EXOSC5, EXOSC7, EXOSC8, EXOSC9, MPP6 GO:0045006 DNA deamination
EXOSC [81]
  GO:0006304 DNA modification (0.00192)  
  GO:0006402 mRNA catabolic process (0.00769)  
  1. GO TERM FINDER AND DAVID level 3 (biological processes) were considered for analysis.