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Table 4 Significantly enriched KEGG pathways

From: Construction of the influenza A virus infection-induced cell-specific inflammatory regulatory network based on mutual information and optimization

KEGG pathway term Count FDR References
Hsa04060:Cytokine-cytokine receptor interaction 23 2.49e-19 [49, 50]
Hsa04620:Toll-like receptor signaling pathway 14 5.11e-12 [47, 50, 52]
Hsa04672:Intestinal immune network for IgA production 8 1.07e-05 Predicted
Hsa04630:Jak-STAT signaling pathway 11 1.30e-05 [36, 49, 50]
Hsa04622:RIG-I-like receptor signaling pathway 8 1.51e-04 [47, 5355]
Hsa04623:Cytosolic DNA-sensing pathway 7 7.10e-04 Predicted
Hsa04621:NOD-like receptor signaling pathway 7 0.001461 [47, 48, 50]
Hsa05330:Allograft rejection 6 0.001944 Predicted
  1. The second column is the number of proteins from our protein list in the corresponding GO term. In the last column, the corresponding references of the pathways involved in influenza A virus infection are given, and the terms ”predicted” indicate that the pathways have not been reported by previous literatures.